Frequently Asked Questions

where are you located?

6488 Main Street; Annex Building, Gloucester, VA, United States, Virginia.

What are your shop hours?

Currently, we are open from Mondays to Saturdays by appointment only

What payment methods do you accept?

At this time, all major credit cards (such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover), Cash and Check. 



Do you provide walk in nail services?

We provide nail trimming services on a scheduled basis, we try to accommodate same day appointments. please call in to our office to schedule. 

Do you preform dog's annal gland expression?

At most during routine grooming groomers will preform a light squeeze- for any further expression Village Dog Spa will suggest a vet to preform the service.

What is your protocol for matted dogs

We take each dog on a case by case basis, there are many factors that we take into consideration. Most importantly we work with the dog and client to ensure that what is decided is best for the well-being of the dog

Do you provide hand stripping services?

Yes, it is very time consuming so please let us know while we are scheduling your service in order to plan for the additional time.

What is a de-shed treatment?

Village Dog Spa's deshed treatment includes a special shampoo and conditioner designed to help release the already loose undercoat on double-coated dogs that are not usually cut. such as golden retrievers, and shepards. The coat is blown out with forced air and brushed/combed out to help release as much of the shedding fur as possible.